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yahoo messenger support

Yahoo Messenger Technical Support

Yahoo Messenger Crashes at Starting


Does your Yahoo Messenger crashes at starting? If so, you're at the right spot to fix your complaint.

This instant messaging client permits you to communicate worldwide through instant messages and video chat. There are various potential factors behind Yahoo Messenger crashes; however commonly known are corruption in .exe file, infected system, corrupted download copy, poor web connection and deficiency of maintenance of your respective PC.

To rectify Yahoo Messenger crashes at starting, you should perform some troubleshooting steps that happen to be given below:


yahoo messenger support

Yahoo Messenger Support


When Yahoo Messenger crashes at starting, make sure that you connected to the internet. Poor net connection can cause such problems on your PC.

You can download a System Utility software that features Internet Optimizer tool to optimize your web based on the connection you might be using.


Abode Flash Player could be a reason behind the issue of Yahoo Messenger crashes at starting. To solve this matter, look into the official website of Adobe and download the most up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player. Install it on your pc and launch Yahoo Messenger again.


Another known source behind Yahoo Messenger crashes on starting is registry database of your respective operating system.

Windows registry has very complex structure and also to manually identify the difficulties is not so simple. That's major reason why people go with a Registry Cleaner software. Fix Yahoo Messenger crashes now.


Windows Firewall may be blocking Yahoo Messenger even though it launches. That's why Yahoo Messenger crashes in the startup.

To solve the problem you must disable Windows Firewall by making use of steps given below:

It should work fine at this point.


Clean system for junk, you should use Disk CleanUp utility preinstalled on your PC.


The simple approach to fix Yahoo Messenger crashes at startup is download a globally recognised registry scanning and cleaning software.

Download Intel SOFTWARE Partner Reginout Registry Cleaner to fix the condition within matter of moments.



Yahoo Messenger Customer Service

yahoo Messenger Review: Voice and Video to Make Your Chats More Personal


yahoo Messenger takes instant messaging one step further through the use of voice and video. yahoo Messenger makes instant messaging far more personal and intimate considering that the user it isn't just able to see their pals nevertheless they can hear them also.

yahoo Messenger can be a live, online chat community purely available to Microsoft Windows users. Like other messaging services including AOL Instant Messenger or Yahoo Instant Messenger, yahoo Messenger connects people worldwide across the Internet. However, why are this service totally different from many of the others is the fact that it offers both voice and video functionality.

 While other instant messaging services only allow users to convey with another person at any moment in time, yahoo Messenger users have the capacity to chat with nearly ten different yahoo members. SuperIM is yahoos' trademarked text chatting service. Similar to those of AIM or Yahoo Messenger, users could see who is logged on top of the service, double-clicking within the nickname to have interaction. A set of Pals, called  Buddies in other programs, is obtainable for the user about the main screen. [See the for the left] Each user's profile has a picture that can help identify the consumer, that's then included near the top of the screen inside filmstrip during chat session to ensure that all of the participants are able to see with whom they can be chatting.

yahoo Messenger also makes it easy to talk with an existing set of friends by having a different instant messaging service. Through links around the main yahoo screen, the person can come up to talk to their friends through AOL, Yahoo, or ICM. [See image for the right].

 One of the features that makes yahoo stand above its competitors would be the addition of audio.  Users may add audio thus to their chat session and intensely make their conversation chatting as an alternative to texting. By clicking around the Add Audio button while inside the SuperIM mode, a person can speak with others like they were for the telephone as an alternative to sitting at their computer.

Another interesting feature of yahoo is it includes forums. yahoo users also be capable of visit one of the following nearly 4,000 rooms, categorized by topics including current events, social issues, sports, religion, family and flirting. Users can investigate available rooms by picking out the topic that may be of interest for many years and then clicking the space to enter. [See image within the left] Once from the room, an individual can join the conversation most likely through chat or by speaking with all the Push to Talk button. [See image about the right]

 With yahoo Messenger, users also be capable of create, own, operate, and administrate their particular chat room for the subject of their choice. The user liable for creating the surrounding has administrative rights, meaning they can open, close, and bounce users out of the surrounding for time periods, ban users indefinetly, and control the microphone. To minimize the effort, the consumer can also delegate administrative rights to a different member.

Finally, the Screening Room can be an interesting twist on video as it allows users to include video on their chat room as well as to the yahoo Video Library. Videos uploaded to yahoo might be controlled during viewing by anyone using a number of controls available about the video.


yahoo Messenger is full of neat features. Here are a few of people who really stick out:

What's Not: Although, yahoo Today is surely an interesting feature, it's fairly limited because it doesn't provide any clues about what is happening over and above yahoo. The news feature furnished with other IM programs offers users to be able to keep up with preferred news topics. Many users who expect this using IM programs could possibly have become based upon this functionality and, therefore, not willing to generate the leap to understand another program.


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