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winzip support

Winzip Technical Support

WinZip 17: Latest Features Include Cloud Storage Integration Social Media Sharing


Been quite some time since you've upgraded to your newer version of WinZip - or do you think you're using a free compression utility instead? You may want to take the time to check out the the latest features in WinZip 17 and find out if they can make file-sharing a tad bit more seamless to suit your needs.

 It looks like WinZip 's been around for a billion years, and given that the application was created in 1991, I suppose that is certainly something like a billion 'Internet years." Now, this course is up to version 17 ' and the majority will probably think about this latest release one of the greatest changes towards the application within a long time.

Unlike a great deal of other products which may have version numbers from the double digits, it's hard to drum up excitement about latest features and enhancements in each WinZip release. Sure, people wish to talk in regards to the cool interesting things that each new edition of Photoshop or PaintShop Pro are able to do, but you just aren't going to encounter many animated discussions for the latest innovations in compression algorithms.


winzip support

Winzip Support


Basically, what I'm accessing here is individuals don't rush in the market to upgrade WinZip each time a latest version comes along. As long as the existing version is constantly work with whatever main system you're using, you most likely don't even think about this course that much. However, whether it's been some time since you've upgraded, you really should take a look to find out what's new in WinZip 17. Here's a rapid summary:

I confess that I used to be using WinZip 12 before I shifted to version 17 because, as I alluded to above, there is nothing really compelling me to upgrade. The ability to combine files from multiple locations ' both local and on the internet ' into one compressed file a single fell swoop would be the one feature that in some way sold me. In addition, I really like that I can watermark and resize the photos at the same time so I do not have to waste time prepping the files for being zipped like a separate task.

I don't often post zipped files to web 2 . 0 sites being a rule, but I did test WinZip's capabilities normally made available just to find out how well they worked. Just as with other linked apps, the 1st time you use this feature you have got to give authorization for WinZip to get into your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account.

After that, the operation is fairly straightforward. Once you simply select the file(s) you would like to zip and share, just pick the Social Media icon for the Share tab, input the message you intend to accompany the url and choose which accounts you wish to post to. You can post to every one three simultaneously if you appreciate. The link within the message will need people to your file on ZipShare ' WinZip's file-sharing service ' plus they can download it from that point.

All in all of the, the social networking sharing process usually work fine, but I doubt I'll make use of it much (if) to get a couple of reasons. First of all, if I were about to share personal files on a web 2 . 0 platform, I'd rather house it someplace besides ZipShare in order that I do not have to worry around the link expiring.  Secondly, I'd probably should also use one of the links-shortening service or involve some other methods to measure how often the file was accessed. ZipShare might work acceptable for people who would like to send a simple link to a person that plans to download the file after you experience or two, but I can't see myself using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for all those types of instances.

 I've learned that the resize and watermark options save a huge amount of time when preparing a couple of images to zip and send off inside an email or upload to Dropbox or Google Drive. On the Create tab, you should check these options and select the settings you would like to use, and people settings are going to be applied to every relevant file from the zipped collection.

Alternatively, in the event you only want to resize certain images in the zip file, you may open those files with WinZip's internal photo viewer and resize each individually. Speaking of which, I love WinZip's internal photo viewer. It loads fast ' almost instantaneously ' and it also lets you rotate images along with resize them. It also permits you to scroll through all the photos you've selected to incorporate in your zipped file so it is possible to make sure that you've grabbed each of the right pieces when you zip it and send them back.

There are two versions of WinZip 17 ' the Standard edition lists for $29.95 as well as the Pro edition for $49.95. The major difference between both the is that the Pro edition includes several backup and automation utilities, and also permits you to view images within zip files without first extracting them. For a more in depth comparison of the 2 main versions, see this feature list. If you intend to try the software prior to deciding to buy ' and I suggest that you do ' you'll also find a link towards the free trial download on that same page.

Some can be reluctant to spend any money over a program in this sort since there are a few free compression utilities skating ' and, in the event you only need an exceptionally basic tool for zipping and unzipping files on your own local hard disk, you may be better off choosing one of those freebies. On the other hand, if the files are kept in various places on the internal network along with online lockers, I think you'll see that WinZip 17 you will save quite a bit of a serious amounts of be well definitely worth the price.


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