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Windows Live Messenger Support


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windows live messenger support

Windows Live Messenger Support

Learn About Installing Windows Live Messenger on Your Computer


Today I'll demonstrate how to install Live Messenger, a freeware IM (instant messaging) application that lets you talk for a friends, share photos, etc. on your desktop.

Before you install Windows Live Messenger, receive a Windows Live ID (should you havn't already done this). You will need it later to log into Live Messenger. Once your account is produced, proceed to the Live Messenger download page. Once there, uncheck all 4 boxes when you don't wish to integrate Live Search as part of your browser, make the house page, allow Microsoft to gather data, and install the Live Toolbar. I unchecked them, since I just need Live Messenger. Click on the "Install" button to begin with your download. Remember the place you saved the installer (the Downloads folder is required) and double visit it once the download completes to file for the installation.

windows live messenger support

Windows Live Messenger Customer Service


The installer will pay attention to pre-installed Live components with your system, download any which are missing rather than up to date, and have them installed automatically.  Once mobile phone has completed, you can click the "Close" button: Live Messenger should then open. (If it doesn't, just open it from Start > Program Files > Windows Live > Windows Live Messenger.

Before logging into websites for the first time, let's you need to a quick think about the main options in the login screen. Right below the password box, you are able to set the display status visible for a contacts. Now is the time where your Windows Live ID will likely be required: enter your registered e-mail address and password inside appropriate boxes. If you want Live Messenger to keep in mind your login details, utilize the 3 checkboxes inside center area accordingly. Click on the 'Sign in" button to log into Live Messenger.

The program is installed, you've logged in successfully, what now? I would you must do adding contacts that you wish to send instant messages to: visit Contacts > Add a contact. Input at the least the e-mail address within your contact, and click on the "Add Contact" button.


With Live Messenger, you are able to indeed do considerably more than send texting: do video chat, make voice calls (with a PC or into a phone), share folders, and play games, only to name a few. The menu bar posseses an additional item right near to Help: Plus!, a freeware which doesn't originally include Live Messenger. This is a neat little add-on that truly extends the functionality of Live Messenger, with interface skinning, enhanced logs (organized & searchable conversations/events), simultaneous utilization of multiple accounts, etc.

Personal exposure to Windows Live Messenger

Images from laptop or computer.



MSN Not Working - Now Remove Windows Live Messenger


Many People frequently face MSN Messenger problems. They complain MSN bust or are certainly not used to the newest version and attempt to remove it from their computer and reinstall. But most cannot successfully erase it. How can we eradicate this problem? Now let me tell you the best way to uninstall it through your computer.               New Windows Live Messenger 9.0 has become integrated with    Live Movie Maker, Mail, Writer, Photo Gallery, Family Safety, Outlook Connector along with other Windows utilities. So it is possible to not think it is in the    Add/Remove Programs. Microsoft have replaced the name with Windows Live Essentials. If you get rid of it, you might uninstall the many components together too.            You can eliminate it by two ways. I will list them both below. If you are able to not uninstall it successfully with all the first method, you can test the second one. Just stick to the instruction below.             1. Use Add/Remove Programs.             Go to Add/Remove Programs and locate Windows Live Essentials. Click on Change / Remove plus a dialog will turn up. You can choose Repair or Uninstall. If you choose repair, MSN will probably be repaired. If you choose uninstall, every one of the programs is going to be deleted from a PC.           After you complete the steps above, chances are you'll reinstall it on your PC.    If you simply can't find the       icon    of Windows Live Essentials    in    Add/Remove Programs. you can utilize the method below.             2. Use CMD.exe            Follow the steps below:        a.              Click on Start – Run, then enter “cmd”. Window C:WINDOWSsystem32cmd.exe will turn up.        b.              Then input “MsiExec.exe /XA9D94100-37D6-4D7B-A795-BD050BA9602B” and press Enter.        c.              Then Windows Installer asks you “Are you sure you intend to uninstall this supplement?”. Click on Yes.             The last strategy is very effective in    removing windows messenger. I suggest lots of people use this method. Most of them successfully removed it and fasten all problems. Only few failed.           If you failed too, you may click here to for assist with    uninstall bing .   Or it is possible to click here to utilize a    uninstall software       to delete it available for you.



How to Completely Remove Windows Live Messenger


If you will not wish to have Windows Live Messenger in your desktop, but require help uninstalling it, the following information will help you to completely uninstall Windows Live Messenger .

As you know, Windows Live Messenger is Microsoft's successor to your widely used MSN Messenger. It has an updated interface, plus it allows versatility with plenty e-mail addresses; you might be no longer necessary to have a Hotmail or MSN account make use of it. Nonetheless, should you not use the program, or dislike it, as there are no sense in order to keep it. Understandably, plenty of users tend to employ a hard time picking out the program therefore it can be uninstalled. This is a step-by-step process to assist you to completely uninstall the approval.


To uninstall programs, we first must access the key pad. From there, we can easily uninstall this method.

From Start, simply click Control Panel.


In Windows XP, you will want to choose Add or Remove Programs; for Vista users, underneath the category Programs, pick the sub-category: Uninstall a Program (Control Panel Home view) or Programs and Features (Classic View) .

From here, you might have to wait a little while for Windows to collect all programs installed with your computer.


As soon when your list has finished populating, you should scroll down before you find the program entitled Windows Live Essentials. Every program is listed alphabetically, so that it could be close for the bottom within your installed programs.

At this time you'll be in the option to







Repair or even Uninstall. As we're planning to getting reduce Windows Live Messenger, you will need Uninstall. Afterwards, we'll show up the list of Windows Live components that people want to get gone.

Next you will be given a listing of the Windows Live components you would like to remove. To remove Windows Live Messenger, put a good box beside it, at the same time as beside other Windows Live programs you want to remove also. Once you've finished, click Continue.



After your files happen to be removed, you'll receive a confirmation message on the grounds that you've completely uninstalled Windows Live Messenger. You can try this process when you have other Windows Live programs that you would like to remove, or perhaps have components repaired if many of the programs aren't working and the choice of know they may.



Getting it Done with Windows Live


Want to edit an image or talk with friends? No problem. Need to look emails or backup vital files? No problem! Looking for a approach to edit videos or control how your computer can be used by minors? Not a problem - it's all regulated possible with Windows Live Essentials.


Whether you wish to chat, collect email, sync data with the computer plus a personal remote storage facility, protect your sons or daughters from unsavory websites or edit movies or photos, the result comes with Windows Live Essentials. You can use this marvelous group of free applications from Microsoft to enhance productivity in your own home office for such engaging pastimes as creating videos, managing photos and blogging.

Now you could possibly wonder las vegas dui attorney need Windows Live Essentials, even so the general mood is the fact there is a minumum of one application ' the Windows Live Messenger chat client ' that many Windows users will require. Installing the suite on Windows 7 is not hard, and you may use the customize replacement for select which components you download and install.


Before we have to the fun stuff like making movies, an instant word about Windows Live Mesh along with the Windows Live SkyDrive. Microsoft gives Windows Live users a totally free 25 GB of online storage, 5 GB that can be utilized to sync data from a PC with Windows Live Mesh. This is really a great approach to keep a copy within your most vital documents and photos, if the 5 GB will not be enough, you can also access the other storage being a network drive in Windows.


Probably Microsoft's most in-demand free app, Windows Live Messenger began life several years ago as Microsoft Windows Messenger, and has now undergone several name changes since.

The new messenger uses your Windows Live account and password but offers additional than just chat. It offers photos your contacts have shared along with some integration with a few browser-based social network services like LinkedIn and Facebook.

It offers access to Live Spaces gadgets, and you'll perform an abundance of tricks with Windows Live Messenger.


An important new application from Microsoft is Windows Live Family Safety, vital for any person with children tall enough to access a pc. With this software, you'll be able to control who uses your personal machine and when, which makes it a great method to limit Internet access so that your sons or daughters can give attention to their homework. The tool can also be used to restrict the occasions that certain apps, for instance games, are launched, supplying you with a great deal of treatments for how the computer is needed and how your young ones spend their time.


One popular aspect of Windows Live Essentials may be the Windows Live Photo Gallery tool. This application will pick-up all in the photos on your laptop (dependant on pre-selected folders) and try to sort them out available for you, even remembering faces and names so that you may easily label and tag the photos.

In addition, you'll be able to edit your photos. For scanned photos, it is possible to get lessen tears and cracks, while all photos may be improved with removing red eye, automatic tweaking and in some cases applying some preset color filters.

Best of the, Windows Live Photo Gallery images is usually uploaded to Facebook or shared via your SkyDrive account.



One with the few complaints about Windows 7 was lacking a native email client ' and also this is it. While some versions from the software shipped with Windows Live Mail already installed, most didn't, with this email client installed you may access messages from your Windows Live/Hotmail email account or any POP or IMAP email account you could have.

Windows Live Mail also carries a calendar that you'll be able to easily configure, or perhaps sync with Google Calendar.


Microsoft Movie Maker would be a popular portion of Windows XP Service Pack 2, but was strangely missing from Windows XP. The reason was its migration to Windows Live Essentials as a possible optional download for Windows 7 users. Editing movies with Windows Live Movie Maker can be a more streamlined process than before, although many on the same tools and features exist.

There are a couple of other tools in Windows Live Essentials that you can check out. One of these is Outlook Connector, something for allowing you to reach a Windows Live Hotmail account in Microsoft Outlook 2010. This is often a useful feature, the one that will hopefully be constructed into Outlook from now on.

If you are a blogger, meanwhile, Windows Live Writer is often a desktop-based blog management application which could be used with WordPress and Blogger accounts (amongst others) for managing, writing and publishing blogs.


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