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vlc media player

Vlc Media Player Technical Support

What to Do if VLC has Stopped Working ??? Win 7 Troubleshooting


There are some reasons why you may experience difficulty with VLC media player in Windows 7 - these are all easily resolved.

VLC is really a popular open source media player (offered by  that enable you to playback all kinds of filetypes, handle streamed content and in some cases enable you to watch streamed information through your Xbox. VLC is very popular with many that they put it to use as an alternative to more widespread choices for instance Windows Media Player or iTunes.

As versatile as it's, you could possibly find so it doesn't work quite as intended. If you find that VLC has eliminate in Windows 7, these troubleshooting tips should allow you to get out of trouble.

vlc media player support

Vlc Media Player Support


The situation you are facing may perhaps be that VLC was working without having a problem previously but this time has issues playing back specific videos or it has eradicated completely and displays a blunder message.



The initial thing to check could be the application's cache, where various configuration settings are stored. These can become corrupted, leading to complications with the media player running correctly in Windows 7. In order to fix this, you may force the approval to recreate these settings.

Go to Start and enter %appdata% in to the Search box. Open the initial option that may be displayed and look through the list and soon you find the folder labelled vlc. You have two choices here ' you'll be able to either delete the folder or rename it. If you want to play it safe, rename to such as vlc-OLD.


Another downside to VLC running incorrectly in Windows 7 may be resolved by using the os compatibility mode, allowing apps intended for older versions of Windows running without any problem.



In order to find out whether or not it is possible to run VLC in compatibility mode to solve this problem, right-click the VLC icon and select Troubleshoot compatibility. This will launch the Program Compatibility wizard that may then pay attention to problems and provides you two choices.

On the 1st attempt, select Try recommended settings, which Windows will launch the VLC media player using a different configuration. Should this fail, your alternative is running the Troubleshoot program option that may take you through a number of screens to distinguish the problem and gives another configuration with which to own VLC media player.

Should this fail to eliminate the problem, you will possess but one lifetime of action'


 The final method to fix VLC media player to work correctly under Windows 7 is always to uninstall the appliance and then reinstall.

To do that, check out Start > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall an application and wait for a list for being generated (watch the green progress bar through the top of the window). Once it really is been completed, double-click VLC media player ' this may begin the uninstallation procedure.

Once it's been done, readily application like CCleaner (available devoid of  to tidy up any unused files, and restart your PC. Finally, reinstall VLC media player, that ought to now work again!



Converting FLAC to MP3 Using VLC Media Player


     Even though some people require use of a FLAC to MP3 converter program, both FLAC and MP3 are supported today by a large number of media player devices. However, the MP3 format is a bit more popular with a lot more portable devices which are used today. Most of the cellular phones that many people rave about today only support media with smaller file sizes thus making file converters necessary.


Note that the two free lossless audio codec and MP3 is effective in reducing the file size of standard CD audio media. However, FLAC retains a lot of the data how the MP3 format discards thus MP3 files are often smaller while retaining almost all of the sound fidelity how the human ear can hear.


VLC Media Player on the Rescue


One with the solutions to this dilemma is to try using a music file conversion program that supports both MP3 and FLAC. VLC Media Player supports these two audio file formats as well as a host of others also. It's a small program suite that only occupies a modest amount of space within the hard drive but packs many features including a file conversion utility, which is often pretty attractive this case. Users should likewise note that a particular loss in audio quality can be expected due for the disparity between FLAC and MP3 and it's not the responsibility of file format converters like VLC Media Player.


Using VLC Media Player


Other than playing many different media formats, VLC Media Player could also be used as a FLAC to MP3 converter. Launch the application form suite and after that click within the "Media" button. It is situated at the top on the VLC toolbar. After that, pick the option to "Convert/Save" in the drop down menu that comes up around the screen.


After that, the "Open Media" window may come up. Next, users should select the "Add" button located about the right side in the current window or screen. It will open a different pop up window that permits users to find the FLAC file how they want to come to be MP3. Search with the folder the spot that the said file is positioned and highlight the file or files which should be converted. After that, go through the "Open" button to go back for the previous window and find the selected files listed.


At now, users is still permitted to increase files. Just repeat the aforementioned steps to get other files for the hard drive which also needs to be converted. Once all of the necessary files are listed within the screen users will make VLC Media Player execute the file conversion process.


The steps to convert FLAC files to MP3 files in VLC Media Player are rather easy. Click the "Convert/Save" button located at the bottom from the current window. Users will be prompted to choose a destination folder the spot that the new MP3 files ought to be stored. Users can select a name for your new file at now or just rename their new MP3 files later. Note: Remember to pick out ".mp3" because the file type or file extension in any other case the files aren't going to be converted on the desired music data format.


Finally, click "Start" and VLC Media Player is going to do the rest from the process without treatment. And that is virtually how to use many application as being a FLAC to MP3 converter.Article Source:  Walter is experienced when it comes to FLAC converters. To learn understanding FLAC to MP3 Converter, or the way to convert FLAC to MP3 visit his website: Audio Converter,FLAC to MP3 Converter.


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