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skype Technical Support


Skype is unquestionably a highly respected brand with countless loyal customers globally along with the company is to become lauded for your tremendous impact it's had on Internet communications.  But their customer satisfaction is awful as I discovered while wanting to cancel Skype.

I opted in for Skype with regards to a year ago mostly out of loyalty to some friend who worked there. The friend was let go shortly afterwards inside wake of Microsoft's purchase of Skype, but he quickly found new work and is particularly happy and successful.

skype support

skype Support


I surely could rely on Skype considerably in March with this year when I moved in a new apartment and my cable company needed three weeks to fit home phone service and port my number from another provider. Thanks, Skype. You really started in handy.

After that, my Skype usage dropped to zero. I bought a fresh laptop in the summer and not even bothered to download Skype into it.

I got a new year of Skype Premium for $53.94 and forgot over it until a renewal notice came yesterday. I made the foolish assumption if I didn't renew my subscription right then so it would lapse via itself. Instead, I got a follow-up e-mail this morning telling me that I had successfully been renewed knowning that the next $53.94 have been charged to my plastic card. That's okay, auto-renew happens.

Now the fun begins. I logged straight into Skype to try and find customer satisfaction to cancel my subscription and be handed a refund. Skype doesn't make it easy for you and I located at least an added subscriber who concurred, writing with a message board they had encountered precisely the same convoluted process.

I discovered that I had to constantly utilize back and forth buttons in my browser to visit from the page of instructions on the way to cancel my subscription on the page which to execute those instructions. At some point, I checked my browser background and learned that I was to up to 40 screens around my effort to cancel Skype.

At another point, I was made to log in (I already was) to identify a page listing the subscriptions I had. I was made to click on the subscription I wanted to cancel and then go through the link for 'Settings' that will then appear. No connect to 'Settings' appeared. Equally galling was the truth that the Skype support pages provide ample links to feature more services and 'get more beyond Skype' while being of little assist to someone attempting to 'get Skype from my life.'

Eventually, I found my approach to e-mail support and explained how I wanted not only to cancel Skype but to get their money back. Yes, those are two separate processes. I met Skype's criteria for any full refund as I we hadn't used the service plus it was below 15 days in the renewal period.

Irritatingly, Skype kept telling me how I could 'request' their money back. I had to tell them I was demanding one.

I clicked 'Submit' so you won't believe so what happened next:

'Hi, our server has brought a short break.' Are you f***ing kidding me?!

The message continued: 'Looks like our server is down. This translates to that we're doing maintenance work or you will find too many visitors at therefore we cannot take care of the popularity. In any case ' we're already fixing it and everything ought to be back to normal in minutes.'

Oh, that Skype spontaneity about its 'popularity' is very refreshing!  And chances are they'll added what my mother would call 'the corker.'

'The great news is that you are able to still download and rehearse Skype.' Always be selling.

Fortunately, I did experience an e-mail a couple of minutes after that telling me that my message ended up received and this they will react to it within 1 day. I'll update with the answer.

UPDATE: Skype replied if you ask me Monday telling me the payment hadn't yet been processed thus it was voided. But it still took a bit.

I'm sure most of you can recall your own customer support nightmares and, more to your point, can remember the best customer support experiences one has had online. The household name bank of which I have my checking and savings accounts has excellent online support services including a live chat feature that I use often. It can be done.

But companies ought to understand that when someone encounters an unsatisfactory customer experience, particularly one using a convoluted route to discontinue the service, it sends some text that the company is purposely attempting to discourage you against completing your task. If that's not your goals, Skype, then you've a PR problem.

I'm thrilled to volunteer for just about any focus groups Skype offers to convene about them.


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