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real player support

Real Player Technical Support

Best Streaming Technologies and Features of Streaming


Internet and internet hosting have been a radical difference in recent years, where he has gone from Internet pages in which the content is restricted to text and images to provide new content using the streaming. At this point some questions arise for those without much experience, like what consistene Streaming? Are traditional hosting services will be ready support new streaming technology? Can I migrate easily in one service to another website hosting with a give attention to streaming? Who are the key candidates make use of to hire a hosting plan with increased exposure of streaming and full support?

realplayer support

Real Player Support

Streaming technologies


• With the evolution from the Internet came many changes, leaving aside the material simple and flat text and images, to generate room to get more dynamism inside hand of videos, music and animations. These contents are based on streaming technology and hosting expertise, that permits listening to music and view movies, videos and animations in real time. Basically, the streaming does not need you to download multimedia documents, but by having a browser may be consumed.


• The site uses are the ones that distribute streaming online videos, movies, television, home videos and animations. Also online r / c and websites committed to online music distribution. All of them use specific internet hosting services.



Features of website hosting plans and streaming sitiohost


• Streaming Audio: Support for streaming audio in MP3 and AAC + HD in all hosting plans set up.


• Administration: The internet hosting service includes WHMsonic panel, excellent for managing every one of the contents in streaming audio. Changing passwords and implementing AutoDJ.


• Service: All hosting plans made available from sitiohost guarantee 99.9% uptime streaming, plus unlimited transfer of content on a monthly basis. In this way all people to your site can access your streaming content without restrictions.


• Customer satisfaction and support services, satisfaction guarantee on hosting and streaming service, or 100 % refund. The electronic invoice will arrive with merely the agreed value including taxes and VAT so there won't be any surprises or additional charges.


• Playback: The hosting service includes support for multimedia players most used streaming worldwide as Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes and Real Player. Even players also supports streaming less popular.


• Easy for novice users: These plans include hosting that has a HTML code you just need to copy and paste on the control panel in your portal. It will be easier to produce available to the user content streaming.


• Advanced: Users with greater familiarity with hosting, you may use Script Setup on all plans, and enables advanced configuration of streaming and hosting with support for 99.9% of internet browsers.


Real Player Customer Service

RealPlayer Basic Download, Install and Setup Guide


Want to make use of RealPlayer such as the know how? In this guide, I will demonstrate how to download, install and employ RealPlayer Basic to your daily multimedia needs

RealPlayer would be a very popular multimedia player in the event it was first launched. It has since lost ground to beginners like VLC, Winamp along with the KM Player, however it is still among the finest audio/video player options on the market.


There may be a few flavors of RealPlayer available on the web, though the one we'd like is RealPlayer Basic. It is the free version of RealPlayer that allows you to play your videos, download videos and manage your multimedia files by creating playlists. It also has simple editing capabilities. You can also convert your video and audio files to a number of popular formats.



First, Download RealPlayer Basic

Click around the Download Now button to download the net installer, that you can install RealPlayer Basic on your hard drive.

After downloading the web installer, just open it.


In the Installation Options, just choose the options as you would like to and accept the license agreement. Click on Accept as well as the installer will download the RealPlayer files on the internet.

The installation should take about 5 minutes. After the installation is complete, you will definately get an option to pick your RealPlayer setup. Choose the third option, RealPlayer Basic, and click on Continue.


Press Cancel once the email address dialog box opens. Your RealPlayer installation is complete.

Now that the RealPlayer Basic installation is conducted, you'll be able to start with it.

To play any video in RealPlayer, just start RealPlayer from the Start Menu or desktop shortcut and drag the recording file in the RealPlayer window.

Alternatively, you may want to just right click within the video file and select Open With > Real Player.



You are able to do the same together with your music files.

To access all of your multimedia files inside your RealPlayer library, just go on the library tab in RealPlayer and click on on Scan Disk for Media to search on your files.

Choose the drive you want to scan and also the file types. Click OK and your complete multimedia files should be visible with your RealPlayer Library following scan completes. The time you will need will depend on your disk drive size.

You can look at the files from the Music, Videos, Pictures and Playlists option about the left tab.

To design your own playlists, just click within the Playlists option and select New Playlist. Select the files within the library that you would like to add to your playlist and name it.

You have right now successfully installed and hang up up RealPlayer Basic on your hard drive. Also read this list of the Best MP3 and Media Players to discover the most out of your files.

Real: Getting the free RealPlayer,

Real: Scan Disk for Media,


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