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Windows 8 Technical Support

Cluttering Your PC Can Ensure Increased Speed And Better Security?


A harddrive that's unnecessarily cluttered could cause not just a disordered and slow PC, but in addition security issues. This can specifically connection to software that you simply rarely use. It might involve a game title or free demo, which is downloaded and forgotten. The unused software, not being updated may pave opportinity for vulnerabilities. Thus, eliminating the unwanted and useless programs is critical to ensure your PC runs smoothly and eliminates security issues largely. Below mentioned are few tips that may help you in purging that unnecessary stuff through your PC, lying in the hard disk.

 Never leave unused apps

 For this head over to Control Panel in Windows and simply click Uninstall a course. A window depicting all apps installed might open; their list can then be browsed find apps that happen to be unneeded. For this you'll be able to click on categories according to size, date, version, publisher, alphabetical and other way you want.


windows 8 technical support

Windows 8 Support


If planning on freeing space, begin sorting out by size, this helps in identifying software that are using maximum space on your own hard disk all of which will help in easily disposing from the ones that have been not needed. Windows includes in-built tools for uninstalling apps.

 Make sure there won't be any unneeded services

 Windows services are programs which can be rarely used, these run inside background plus some are related to the core functionality too. The programs assist in interacting with Windows OS in a lot of ways. Understanding by pointing out needed and unneeded services is certainly not easy and deleting an email finder service that's needed can bring about a lot of trouble. But, somebody who can help listed below are the Windows tech support experts. The unnecessary services can cause security threats; an illustration is the Bluetooth Support Service, which is not required if you never connect a Bluetooth device for a PC.

 Remove outdated data

 Most people will not even know that data unnecessarily lying inside their PC is making room for many issues. Duplicate copies of photos, music or documents are among such unused data. Also data you were using some in years past and is now needless comes under this list. With large disk space that a lot of PCs in the present day come with, users usually no problem about such stuff, plus it comes to notice as long as the system starts running slowly or if the disk space gets cluttered.

 In Windows, particularly it has an in-built utility pick up that removes unneeded data that is certainly contributing to the slow speed with the computer.

 The bottom line

 So, whether you possess a PC which has 3TB disk space or 100MB space, it is no point in completing this space with apps and data which you never use. This just results in exposing your pc to risks and vulnerabilities which are not secured. So, always spend time in cleaning up your personal machine on a regular basis that will assist you get a PC which has an optimized performance and is also safe too.

 In case, you face issues at any space, then try contacting experts at customersupportnumber where simply dialing the Windows tech support cell phone number will help you have an easy answer. So, know what's keeping your Windows PC from running at its top speed and high performance, call experts now for this number and partner that has a tech buddy, that's happy to help always.

 The author is surely an experienced Microsoft Technical Support expert who works at Customersupportnumber. The company is really a leading name in this particular scenario seen to offer reliable Windows 8 Support which might be availed anytime and then for any day with just one call with the Windows 8 technical Support number one 800 420 9012 toll free.



Windows 8 Customer Service

Has Windows 8 Boosted Up Laptop/Desktop Sales?


It could all of us anytime its launch, Windows 8 got a lukewarm acceptance on the users across global technology market. Users appear to have bombarded the web based forums using the reflection in their disappointments from Windows 8. Market research firms like NPD Group created reports to disclose that sales of Windows 8 supported Notebooks occurred by 21 percent inside the first month of Windows 8 general availability.


 There is not any denial that Microsoft brought an essential shift with Windows 8 so as to make its computer (OS) more suitable for touch-screen devices, which are most often the choice of most gadget lovers. If that is the concern then Windows 8 are not tagged as being a failed OS, given it runs fairly awesome, fast and sleek, within the right kind of hardware i.e touch devices. But when you are looking at non-touch desktops or laptops, Windows 8 didn't work to live approximately the expectation with the users.


 In the entire year 2013, worldwide PC sale declined, probably because handy, small, and portable touch devices grown to be a huge success in capturing users' attention. In such a scenario, even Microsoft molded its OS features to comply more with touch devices and fewer with non touch laptops and desktops.



Why users of non-touch devices disliked Windows 8?


 It seems, the one mistake that Microsoft has committed is always that it place all its attention towards enhancing the usability over touch-screen devices and neglected its large chunk of the users whorrrre still using Windows supported non-touch desktops and laptops. Some with the most reported complaints against Windows 8 are:


 Although, some grievances with the users seem near the reality simply because are actually troubling an individual interface using the OS, just a few complaints are merely the result of users' failure in adopting for the new and changed highlights of Windows. For instance, if your Start menu proceeded to go then a new Start Screen has become introduced that works well just similar for the old Start Menu. Only notable difference just might be that this new Start screen opens full screen unlike the Start menu that accustomed to cover a tiny area within the left bottom side. Yet the survey revealed that users are considerably disappointed using the fact that Windows do not have the Start button. But the very good news is that Microsoft features the upgraded version - Windows 8.1, which includes brought the Start button back.


 Windows 8 Gets Better With Windows 8.1


 Windows 8.1 has rectified every one of the drawbacks concerning Windows 8. Yet, if any user is facing problem with all the new versions of Windows then it's probably since they are new to it and never been able to adapt to your changed Windows. This change is essential in light with the changing picture of technology. As tools are transforming to touch screen, so to be able to compete with Android and iOS-run touch devices, Microsoft were required to offer such as Windows 8. The new version is surely an improved version atlanta divorce attorneys possible way as it is integrated by amazing features like:


 Users who're new to Windows 8 must understand this new OS. There are in reality two versions including Windows 8 and Windows Pro 8. Users first need to understand which version they want. Pro 8 provide an additional economical media pack. The users should upgrade to windows 8 provided that they have a 1GHz or faster CPU that supports PAE or PAE-NX Physical Address Extension, 1GB of RAM or 2GB for 64-bit systems, 20GB of disk drive space along with a DirectX 9 graphics card with WDDM driver.


 When run in the system with aforementioned or advanced specification, Windows 8/ 8.1 is fast and fun. As most of the newly launched laptops and desktops are featured while using aforementioned tech specification, so there isn't a space for virtually any doubt that whether Windows 8 will work well on those devices or you cannot. Windows 8 does wonder in those devices.


 It seems this idea also has clear among users also, that's resulted in to the 10'% increase  from the combined share of the market for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 after 15 months of the company's initial release.



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